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How to get higher benefits for farms? the selection of lighting is very important!


Abstract: Sunshine is a prerequisite for survival of plants and animals. Closed or semi enclosed modern animal husbandry limits the normal growth environment of livestock and poultry. How can we keep the healthy growth and reproduction of livestock and poultry and create more benefits under such conditions? How to choose a professional breeding lamp that can replace sunlight?

Disadvantages of modern farming


Breeding industry is not a low input industry. On the one hand, the investment in modern equipment is large in the early stage, and the price of feed raw materials and labor costs are also rising; On the other hand, in recent years, the price of poultry meat market is volatile, which makes it difficult to control the production and efficiency of farms. How to avoid the operation loss of the farm to the maximum extent and strive for greater benefits has become a difficult problem in front of the owners of the farm.

Modern farming mostly adopts closed or semi closed mode, which not only greatly improves the breeding efficiency, but also changes the growth environment of livestock and poultry. Due to the lack of sunlight and the problem of bacteria breeding in crowded and humid environment, it is easy to cause slow growth and high mortality of livestock and poultry, such as chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, cattle and sheep, and even give an opportunity to the epidemic situation, such as avian influenza, causing a huge loss of breeding benefits, and even affecting human health and safety.

Effect of culture lamp on Culture

Modern intensive farming has a great challenge to the prevention and control of epidemic situation, such as swine fever, avian influenza and other infectious diseases, which are very fatal for farms.

To benefit from the e-commerce platform of professional lighting industry, around the combination of livestock and poultry with lighting, intelligent lighting and modern breeding, we launched a series of breeding lamps for farms. Through three levels of temperature regulation, we can replace natural light to provide heat for livestock, speed up the feeding and growth cycle of livestock, kill common bacteria through temperature control, and promote the healthy growth of livestock, Avoid the occurrence of epidemic situation.

Golden halogen heating farm lamp

Golden halogen heating farm lamp.jpg

1. E27 screw lamp, easy to install and replace; 2. The product has a sling chain, easy to install and ensure safety; 3. Golden appearance, high-end atmosphere; 4. With switch, adjustable, 150W and 275W, different livestock can choose different temperatures; 5. With grid, to prevent Poultry / people from getting too close to scald; 6. Heating effect bar, especially fast heating.

Points for attention in selection of lamps and lanterns in breeding farm

In view of the special environment of the farm, the following points must be considered when selecting lighting lamps:

1. In order to save cost, only ordinary lamps with LED lighting function should not be selected;

2. The material of lamps should be equipped with heat insulation device to prevent scalding of livestock and poultry;

3. In order to avoid the influence of humidity and flying insects on the life and safety of lamps, three proof lamps should be selected;

4. It must be firm and durable to avoid being bitten easily by livestock and poultry;

5. Choose environmental protection lighting products without electromagnetic radiation.

The above functions that can contribute to the healthy generation and reproduction of chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, cattle and sheep are by no means realized by ordinary LED lamps. As the saying goes, professional things should be done by professional people, and professional lighting also needs to use more professional lamps.

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